ALTERNATE project is dealing with Environmental Sustainability and Climate Impact of Air Transport and Aviation. The project is part of a network composed of four similar EU-funded projects: ACACIA, ClimoOP, and GreAT, in addition to ALTERNATE. Each of them addresses it by focusing on different aspects of the aviation sector, sharing the top-level aim of reducing the climate impact of aviation. Therefore, this network aims to create synergies that will boost the impact of each project.

ACACIA aims to improve scientific understanding of non-CO2 emission impacts. In particular, it studies the indirect effect of aviation soot and aerosol on clouds. Click here to access the ACACIA website.

ClimOP aims to identify which aspects of aviation operations can be implemented to reduce the climate impact of the industry, in accordance with the FlighPath 2050 goals. Click here to access the ClimOP website.

GreAT aims to reduce the fuel consumption and gas emissions during “gate-to-gate” flight phases through developing and assessing environment-friendly air traffic operational solutions. Click here to access the GreAT website.

ALTERNATE intends to enlarge the aviation sustainable fuel framework, starting with the possible use of more feedstocks and sustainable production pathways. Click here to come back to ALTERNATE home page.